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purely gypsy. ||| PHOTOGRAPHY

"at the still point, there the dance is." 

Photography that includes:

  • you. (self portraits)
  • love birds. (couples)
  • tribes. (friend or family groups)
  • lil tots. (babies)
  • movement. (any sports)
  • nature. 
  • **can do events and businesses/buildings if requested**
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purely insane. ||| CREATIVE

Freelance graphic design & advertising services that include:

  • branding (logo and/or business cards)
  • social media posts
  • advertisements
  • posters
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purely psithurism. ||| SELF LOVE BLOG

join the movement. spread self love.

psithurism. noun. the sound of the wind through trees. 

small business that derived from my blog and promotes self love, as well as, mental health (anxiety & depression) awareness.

we are here to help you find your calm in your storm.

check it out.